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Teachers select activities to encourage curiosity and build self-confidence in the preschoolers through Play way methods, Art, Indoor & Outdoor games, Concept Corner and more. And at the preprimary level, learning involves sensory stimulation, problem-solving games, storytelling and play-based activities to engage the body and mind.

Our school follows CBSE curriculum. Our school offers English as a first language Tamil & Hindi as second and third languages respectively.

Academics are in the form of formative and summative assessment of child and innovative ideas are encouraged in each subject at all levels to help build a strong bond between faculty and students. The school hosts dramatics, public speaking life skill activities, Singing, Colouring, Storytelling, Nature talk, Health talk, soft skill, Art and Craft, Games and Conversation and other games to enhance students’ concentration and improve classroom learning to enable overall intellectual, psychological and social growth amongst students.

Facilities & Features offered:

o Smart class (Tata Edge).

o Audio Visual Room.

o Camera.

o Safety Measures.

o Library.

o Abacus (Indian Abacus).

o Fun Station.

o Music Room.

o Conference hall.

o Medical Room

Academic Features:

Composite Lab.

Maths Lab.

Computer Lab.

Language Lab.

Work Experience Lab.

Non Scholastic:

The school promotes various clubs and associations such as the quiz club, Fine Arts Club, Ramanujam Club, Eco Club, Shakespeare Club, Hindi Club, Tamil literary Association. All clubs functions innovatively through programs like Quiz, Essay, Rallys, Awareness programs etc.,